Covid Vaccine Now Available to Ages 16+

Teenagers and young adults over the age of 16 are now available to get the Covid vaccine.

Chloe Clendenin, Author

As the Covid pandemic has been a major impact on all lives around the world, there is now multiple vaccines widely available to stop the spread of the deadly disease. Starting March 31st, 2021, all Hoosiers ages 16 and up are available to get the vaccine. Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb made this decision after being informed that the state of Indiana will be receiving a large supply of vaccines the last week of March.

When the vaccine first became available, it was only accessible to people with underlying health issues that made them at greater risk of getting extremely ill if they contracted Covid, it then was accessible to health care workers as well as child care and school service workers. Now in Indiana, anyone over the age of 16 is eligible to receive the vaccine at their local vaccination site among an appointment. 

Anyone ages 16 or 17 must have a parent or guardian help sign them up for an appointment as they are still considered minors. They are also only allowed to receive the Pfizer vaccine as that is the only one approved for people that young. The Pfizer vaccine has shown a very high anti-body count in younger people, especially in teens. Pfizer actually showed more anti-bodies in younger ages than it does in vaccinated adults. 

Other states like Ohio, Michigan, and Massachusetts are making similar changes making the vaccine more available and accessible to others without underlying health issues. Gov. Holcomb has stated that towards the end of April there will be additional mass immunization clinics. Aside from local health facilities administering covid vaccinations, college campuses are also starting to enforce students and staff to get vaccinated by opening on-campus clinics. Colleges participating in Covid vaccinations are Ball State and Indiana University.

As summer and warmer weather approaches, many are ready to get out of their homes and work environments, but Covid is still a large aspect of daily life that forces many restrictions. Many states are dropping mandatory mask mandates but in place, they are encouraging people to get vaccinated. 

The state of Indiana is still planning on dropping the mask mandate despite President Joe Biden’s plea to enforce masks for a little while longer. Masks will still be required for schools for the remainder of the 2020-21 school year.