24 Seniors Honored at 5% Banquet!


Michelle Lancaster and Conner Mathis at the Banquet on Wednesday.

Gigi Hanner

This Wednesday, May 5th, Chesterton High School is hosting its annual 5% banquet. This event honors the top 5% of the senior class, and this year, 24 students are being recognized. Along with student recognition, the students were able to choose one teacher to accompany them to the event. The 24 students who are in the top 5% this year are Olivia Kroeger, Frances Clancy, Connor Casbon, Zoe Swanson, Hunter Stewart, Carter Casbon, Andrew Engel, Marina Weinberg, Peyton Martinson, Gavin Layman, Nalani Malackowski, Katie Hansen, Lauren Bromley, Ian Rutherford, Ryan Donovan, David Manojlovich, Alicia Drewes, Adam Stobbe, Hattie Hoham, Kaitlyn Van Kley, Conner Mathis, Barrett Church, Kathryn Nevers, and Mattea Sklut. Being a part of this group is a huge achievement, and the satisfaction of this is not lost on them. 

Mattea Sklut was somewhat surprised to have made it in, saying “After such a trying year I did not expect to move up in class rank to the point of attaining the top 5% It is certainly a very proud and gratifying moment,” As for her teacher guest, Sklut chose Mr. Dakota McCoy, which she says was an easy choice, because “Mr. McCoy had been my teacher and speech coach since sophomore year. He has been a tremendous help in my speech and debate career. Additionally, he has always been a welcoming advisor and mentor that has helped me greatly to becoming the person I am.” After graduation, Sklut plans to attend Loyola University Chicago and is majoring in history. 

Alicia Drewes is very proud of her accomplishments, saying “Especially after such a difficult year, I believe I have learned how to better be adaptable which has been a huge part of being able to maintain high academic standards. Achieving this is just proof that working hard and dedicating time to meet your goals makes all the difference. Overall, I feel proud and extremely glad that I was able to endure this year and attain this honor.” For her teacher guest, Drewes picked Coach John Snyder. She chose him because “His dedication, guidance, knowledge, discipline, and enthusiasm are just a few of the traits that I desire to improve upon myself. These attributes that I have learned from him are things that cannot be found in a curriculum, yet I will carry them with me for the rest of my life.” After graduating, Drewes plans to get involved with local mission opportunities and mentor children, then attain a degree in education.

Mr. Robert Deruntz has been selected to attend the banquet with Lauren Bromley, and is grateful for the chance to go. He says “As a teacher, it truly is an honor to be asked by a student to attend the 5% Club banquet with them. The students who have earned a spot in the top 5% of their class have earned it by working very hard over the course of their high school career to succeed academically. I am grateful to be able to attend because I get to be present on a night that honors the student for their great accomplishment.” 

The banquet today is a celebration of 4 years of hard work and dedication, and all of these students have worked hard their entire high school career to get there. The Sandscript wishes all of them success in the future, and congratulations to all seniors for nearly finishing out high school!