Save Money and Prosper, SAT/ACT Preparation

SAT and ACT preparation began on August 25, 2021.  The program is designed to help students better understand how to tackle the exams and introduces several reliable skills. SAT and ACT prep will continue every Tuesday and Thursday in Mr. Patrick Ward’s room, located in the upstairs B math wing.  The Sandscript sat down Mr. Patrick Ward and asked a variety of questions: 

Why do you think the program is important?

“Learning how to take a standardized test is a skill that can earn a student lots of money. By studying for the SAT or ACT less than an hour a week can result in several thousands of dollars in scholarships. It is like paying yourself $1000 an hour just to study” Ward said.

Do students normally succeed with the program?

“We have had great success with this club over the years. One of our best years we had 12 National Merit Scholars come out of this club. Lots more have gotten their scores up to get into the colleges that they wanted to”. 

Why did you choose to represent the program?

“When I was in high school one of the best classes that were offered was an SAT/ACT class that we could take during the school day. By scoring high on my ACT it opened up several scholarships to me. I am just trying to provide the same opportunity for our students”.

If you had to summarize the program, how would you describe it?  

“This is a club designed to help out any student with scoring on a standardized test. By using these tips that we teach, it can increase your scores”.

Anyone interested in participating, the next meeting will take place on August 26, 2021.  If you have any questions be sure to contact Mr. Ward.