The Duchess of Cornwall is the First Patron of the Nigerian Sexual Assault Referral Center!

The Duchess of Cornwall fights against sexual assault and domestic abuse.

Linnea Sundquist, Staff Writer

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, has become the first patron of the Nigerian sexual assault referral center. This referral center, Mirabel Center, is an organization supporting survivors of rape and sexual assault as they seek healing and justice. For several years, the Duchess of Cornwall has fought against sexual abuse and domestic violence and wanted to help by being the first patron of Mirabel Center in Lagos. The Mirabel center opened back in 2013 and was only receiving 20 to 30 clients in a month, but ever since the Duchess joined their organization, these numbers continue to skyrocket, now seeing 70 to 100 clients in a month! The center’s founder, Eze Anaba, told reporters that having Camilla on their team allows more victims to come forward with their stories, some who may have been afraid to speak out about them previously. 

Camilla has visited shelters and support centers and just last year she has also become the patron for the SafeLives charity which is a charity in the UK dedicated to ending domestic abuse. The duchess has been to many round table discussions in Australia, New Zealand,  as well as London discussing how to help victims of domestic abuse. This organization provides medical and psychosocial services and has helped over 6,000 patients.