Xiaomi Smart Glasses

Madison Ramey

     A special announcement was put out on a new piece of technology that could aid people in everyday life. Chinese tech company Xiaomi will be releasing a new product they’ve dubbed the Xiaomi Smart Glasses. The glasses haven’t gone on sale yet since the company is still in the finalization process, however, Xiaomi is hoping to launch it in the near future. These glasses are different compared to Facebook and Ray-Ban’s just released Storie’s glasses. It includes AR features (an augmented reality which adds digital features by using a device), and they utilized a monochrome MicroLED system for the glasses because it has a higher pixel density, longer battery life, and an easy to manage structure. The MicroLED within the glasses makes it have an impactful display and easier screen navigation. MicroLED’s are a widely viewed successor to OLED (natural light that is a light discharge diode that has an electroluminescent layer which processes in the effect of an electric current) “However, it remains prohibitively expensive and is yet to be deployed in more than a handful of commercial products,” Xiaomi said. The display for the glasses is about the size of rice and has a brightness of 2 million NITS (standard unit of light). The light won’t be really bright at first but it will be very bright if you are within direct sunlight which affects the optical waveguide lens (refracts and directs the light in a certain direction) “Cites use cases like navigation, live translation, and notifications for the display,” Xiaomi stated.  The lens that is a part of the glasses is an independent android device that doesn’t require a stable internet connection. Some scientists believe that it could someday replace phones altogether. There are so many other technical parts within the glasses that cause them to weigh 51 grams compared to regular glasses, which on average weigh around 30-35 grams. These glasses aren’t going to be available to the public until Xiaomi decides otherwise. The concept demonstration is a clear indication that Xiaomi also wants to be a part of the AR space along with other companies that have already joined that race.