10 Civilians killed in U.S drone strike

Dallas Howard, Sandscript author

    On August 29th, Zamarai Ahmad and nine other civilians, seven of which were children, were struck and killed while sitting in their car in a US drone strike on the vehicle for suspicion of working with ISIS-K and harbouring terrorists. Several days after the strike, a live webstream by US Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III aired, where he stated that he “offered his profound condolences to the family and friends of those who were killed”.  Austin III later said “I am fully responsible for this strike and it’s tragic outcome.” 

      Gen. Frank McKenzie, Commander of US Central Command, said that the pentagon was considering giving reparations to the family, and added that it was very difficult to reach these people in Afghanistan, but they will still try despite that. The family had to borrow money to pay for the funerals because there were so many at one time.  Ahmad was a 43-year-old technical engineer at Nutrition and Education International, a US nonprofit organization, had no ties to ISIS-K. He was later confirmed to be innocent by further investigation having no ties to the terrorist group in any way.