Is the iPhone 13 Worth It or Not?

Linnea Sundquist, Staff Author

On September 17, at 5:00 A.M, the iPhone 13 became available for pre-orders, and was released to the public for purchase on September 24. Many current iPhone users are wondering if they should upgrade or not for the newest and fastest phone on the market. However, the iPhone 13 seems to have a lot of similarities with the iPhone 12, which makes 12 users less likely to need this upgrade, due to their current phone having most of the same features as the new 13 version. Many critics are saying, however, that if you have an iPhone released earlier than the 12, it would be worth it to upgrade. 

 One of the most interesting things added was a new camera feature called Cinematic mode which gives a more professional-like camera aesthetic to your photos and videos. There has also been a new selection of colors for your phone’s background like pink, blue, midnight (black), starlight (silver and gold), and the classic red. Another addition is extended battery life and a better water resistant screen. 

 Both the iPhone 12 and 13 have many similarities, especially in design.They both have flat edges and the glossy finish color of your choosing.The prices are mainly the same  compared to the new 12, with the iPhone 13 mini coming in at $699, the regular version for $799, $999 for the IPhone 13 pro, and finally $1,099 for the Pro-Max. However, they also have a lot of differences starting with how much storage each of them can hold. The iPhone 12 can hold 64 GB while the 13 can hold 128 GB. The camera hardware has changed drastically, with there being a 47% light difference and a change in optical zoom, a bigger main sensor and wider angle lenses. 

Personally, I think the iPhone 13, while glamorous and definitely more intelligent than past devices, should’ve consisted of more drastic differences, since it is so similar to the iPhone 12. I think the 13 would have been a bigger success if it had been its own device, rather than  just basing itself off of the past devices before it. Many fans of Apple’s past products would have loved to see more new or unique features added to this phone, rather than just seeing the same features on other phones that fans have viewed before. 

All together, I personally would only upgrade to the iPhone 13 if you have anything lower than a 12 or if you don’t have an Apple device at all. To conclude, the iPhone 13 is still great if you are wanting a major change or glow up from phones you have had in the past.