HOSA is Here!

New club is seeking students interested in health care

Heads up Trojans because HOSA has officially been added as a club here at Chesterton High School! 

HOSA formerly stood for Health Occupations Students of America but now stands for Future Health Professionals. According to the official Indiana HOSA website, the mission of HOSA is to “enhance the delivery of compassionate, quality health care by providing opportunities for knowledge, skill, and leadership development of all health science technology education students, therefore, helping students to meet the needs of the health care community.” 

Moreover, HOSA members can compete in teams or as individuals in a wide variety of health care based competitions. This aspect is very similar to Science Olympiad, in a sense. However, the events are all related to health care instead. There is one main competition at the end of the season which will then determine if you move forward.

Junior Ria Sharma is the founder and president of HOSA. After taking biomedical science in 2019, she discovered her deep interest in the medical field. During the pandemic, she looked more into healthcare clubs until she finally came across HOSA.

“This was something that I really wanted to start here at CHS where we could bring together students that shared the same passion to create a loving atmosphere,” Sharma states.

After discovering HOSA, Sharma chose Mrs. Mueller and Ms. Travis for her teacher sponsors.

“When two students approached me about co-sponsoring HOSA with Mrs. Mueller, I was taken off-guard. I did not know anything about this national organization for future medical professionals. As I began to research HOSA, I saw what an amazing opportunity this membership is for students,” Ms. Travis explains.

CHS’s HOSA is extremely excited to involve so many students who have a passion for health care. Currently, meetings are twice a month in Mrs. Travis’ room (A545).