Stranger Things excites fans with new trailer!

breakdown of season 4 trailer, season 3 recap

Olivia Kumar, Sandscript Author

   Something strange is coming, Hawkinsheads! After a seemingly endless wait, “Stranger Things” fans finally got the closest look so far at the upcoming season of Stranger Things. Released during Netflix’s Tudum event  (The word Tudum refers to the famous two-beat sound that can be heard whenever you start a new show or movie on Netflix) and now it’s also the name of the streaming giant’s first global fan event. The season four trailer focuses on an incredibly important new location; the mysterious Creel house, this choice of setting brought some history to the show as Creel houses were originally built in the 50’s.

Going back to the series, we won’t get a season this year, however, we do have a teaser for what’s to come in 2022. In the comments, Stranger Things official youtube channel has put an easter egg which reads “003/004.” While the initial reaction could be that the numbers indicate new and upcoming characters, there’s also a chance that it could also be a hint at the release date as well.

Although “Stranger Things” fits best with the holiday season, 2019 saw a release in the summer of July. It looks like the show will be embracing a haunted house setting and concept this time around. With previous “Stranger Things” seasons being very creative when it comes to their homages, such as featuring the 1985 rendition of “Day of the Dead” as the movie the kids (Eleven, Max, Lucas, Dustin, Mike and Will) see at the mall. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for Season four.

Personally, I feel as though the last season felt like a good wrap-up of everything, however, the show’s creators, the Duffer brothers, seem to have a definitive end in mind, so we probably don’t have to worry about the show losing its fire before it inevitably gets cancelled. 

At the start of season three, the “Mind Flayer,” seemingly the biggest monster in the series, made its return in a different form thanks to some meddling government officials from Russia. In addition, there was the opening of the Starcourt Mall, which eventually was revealed to be involved in the supernatural behavior and eventual deaths throughout Hawkins. Steve worked at an ice cream shop in the mall, soon becoming friends with their coworker, Robin. With Dustin back from science camp and Erica Sinclair (Lucas Sinclair’s younger sister) extorting as much free ice cream as possible, they , in their group of four friends, uncovered the secrets of the Starcourt mall: a secret Russian-operated laboratory conducting experiments on the Upside-Down.

 By trying to open the pathway to the alternate reality, the Russians had inadvertently awoken the Mind Flayer. While Steve, Dustin, Erika and Robin were cracking codes and defeating Russians, Nancy and Jonathan interned for The Hawkins Post, having completely different experiences. 

Struggling to be taken seriously, Nancy launched her own investigation into the weird behaviors of the town’s rats after the rodents became gigantic and rabid. Unfortunately, Tom (Nancy’s Boss), and his family were the first to be converted into the Flayed, the Mind Flayers minions.  As the gang grew older, they paired off and broke up incredibly quickly. Eleven and Mike dealt with an interfering Jim Hopper, who dies, but reappears in the first season four trailer, leaving fans to wonder how he survived . Will, who just wanted to play D&D, struggled with the reality of growing up. However, he became instrumental in realizing the Mindflayer was back, and Eleven closed the gate yet again, seemingly for good.

The third season ran it back effectively, helped along by a breathless pace and an emotional investment in its characters that keeps paying off. The same people have been beating back a supernatural apocalypse for years, and the experience is like warfare, suffused with unending trauma and loss but also the camaraderie of working together for a common cause. 

With all this in mind I hope you check out the new trailer and keep an eye out for the new season coming, hopefully in 2022.