Daylight Savings Time

Madison Ramey

Daylight savings time is the practice of changing clocks during the warmer months because darkness falls at a later time than usual. Back on March 14th, we moved our clocks one our forward, commonly referred to as “Springing Forward”.  In just a few weeks, on November 7th, the country will again change the clocks, but this time, for the much more enjoyable, “Fall Back”.  Yes, students, you will be getting an extra hour of sleep, when that weekend comes around.  Daylight Savings Time, DST for short, is used for us to better adjust to the world. It originated in New Zealand, and was created by a man named George Hudson. It spread from people who migrated from New Zealand, to other people who implemented it in their lives. The first time that it was used was in WW1, then later used in WW2. In the United States, Arizona and Hawaii have abandoned the concept as they deemed it unnecessary.