Diving into the Season

CHS Swimmers and Divers Prepare Rigorously for Upcoming Season

Saanya Agarwal, Co-Editor in Chief

The CHS swimmers and divers have been spending immense time practicing and perfecting their skills for the upcoming season this winter. Their preparations include practices almost every day, weight training, and even yoga. 

“We started in early September to get used to being in the pool again and to get back into shape before we start (October 25th). We have been having both swim and weights training practice, along with team bonding days to get everyone involved and ready to go,” senior Kate Caracci said.

“Our coaches have been doing more team bonding activities this year. We currently have team bonding every Thursday, and we’ve even been doing yoga now too,” added sophomore Rachel Dildine.

“Currently, there have been practices every Tuesday and Wednesday. However, as the season progresses, practices will start every day. We’ve been lifting weights, exercising in the field house, and have just been getting our mind sets ready,” concluded sophomore Josh Murray.

As the season grows closer, the swimmers and divers will start engaging in rigorous practices every day of the week except for Sunday. Not only does this massive time commitment greatly affect them, but the skills and lessons they learn from the sport impact them tremendously.

“I would say that swimming impacted my life in a way that I’m not sure any other sport or activity could have. It gave me all of my closest friends, some of the best high school memories I could have asked for, and it has made me so much stronger physically and mentally. Joining my freshman year was a bit of a random decision, but it ended up being the best random decision I have ever made,” junior Daniel Streeter said.

“I’ve been swimming since I was 4 years old, and it’s honestly shaped everything about my life. From actually swimming to learning that I’m more than just athletic, swimming has been an integral part of why I am the person I am today,” added senior Madelin Billings.

“I don’t know what I would do without swimming. It’s such a big part of my life. I have learned so much throughout these past years from teamwork down to discipline. It’s definitely something that I could never forget,” concluded junior Scott Peijic.

Although CHS swimming and diving is an enormous time commitment, the members of the team absolutely love what they do. They have made a family out of their teammates, and the water is like a second home to them. They all have so much to look forward to this year.

“I’m looking forward to the Hall of Fame and state the most this year because we get to travel,” said Dildine.