CHS Speech and Debate Team Hosts the Variety Show

Speech and Debate Fundraiser is a Success

Miranda Miller, Co-Editor In Chief

Chesterton High School’s Speech and Debate team hosted this year’s Variety Show in order to fundraise for their program.  The show was held on Friday, October 29 in the auditorium.  Since the show was on the weekend of Halloween, the cast and crew decided it was only right to rename it to the “Scariety Show”.

“Our team is working on fundraising right now, so the money we get from tickets sold is going to the program. That money will be used for bus fees, hotel fees, food for the team, and other various supplies,” says Stage Manager, junior, Gigi Hanner. 

In order to gain an understanding of what the Scariety Show is, the Sandscript asked some of the actors to explain it.  

Sophomore Michael Livovich stated, “I would describe it as a show of the speech team at their best, and of the talent that is sprinkled throughout the school.”

Senior Natalie Nunez explains, “The Scariety Show is a spooky halloween take on our normal variety show which is a combination of a talent show and sketch comedy skits.”

“I would describe it as a very fun night where we get to show our creativity and imaginations. The talent portion also shows off different students in the community and gives a stage to anyone wanting to share their skills,” states Hanner. 

The Scariety Show is a student lead fundraiser where they write sketches to be performed in between a series of talent acts.  The writer’s team consisted of freshman Elsa Leady, sophomores Julia Dietrich, Abigail Gniagecki, Katie Asbury, and Livovich, juniors Gigi Hanner and Josh Hoover, and seniors Dylan Leavitt, Miranda Miller, Amelia Maguire, and Nunez.  The sketch actors include Leady, Asbury, Livovich, Leavitt, Miller, Nunez, Hoover, and senior Heidi Boltze.  

The talent show portion was put on in between each of the sketches.  There were cash prizes distributed to the top three performances of the night.  Some of the talent acts that competed include singing, dancing, and even spoken word poetry.  In third place was a band called The Wallcats, consisting of Michael Livovich and juniors Jimmy O’Connor, Ethan Elliot, Max Houghteling, and Liam Henegan.  Junior Jackson Jesson placed second singing and playing piano.  The show’s first place competitor was performer Dylan Leavitt, who sang “Somebody To Love” by Queen.

“We were all super nervous, but once the adrenaline of opening night kicked in we had a blast!” said Natalie Nunez.