Trojan Wrestlers Look To Build Off From State Runner Up

Practice Makes Perfect

Trojan Wrestlers Look To Build Off From State Runner Up

Sarah Sahli, Features Editor, Sandscript Author

  After finishing last season as the state runners up, the Chesterton Wrestling team is currently working hard to perform above and beyond this season. They practice 6 days a week, Monday through Friday from 3:15 to 5:30 p.m and Saturday mornings. 

“I am really excited about this season. We have a new coach and we are getting the football guys back which is going to be great. We are definitely going to get to experience more tournaments this year. Last season we didn’t get to compete much because of Covid. I’m nervous but excited about having to step up as a leader for the team since we lost a bunch of the upperclassmen guys. Also, I can’t wait to work with the DeMarcos. I was excited about Luke Stento but I’m not sure if he is going to be competing or not because of his injury. One more thing, the underclassmen this year are all super fun. I met a few of the freshmen at practice, there are a lot of them, but they are great,” added junior Aiden Torres. 

The team will showcase a variety of skilled athletes. Those that have just completed their football season are ready and in shape, while others are working to get there. Although the team lost quite a few seniors to graduation last year, the underclassman athletes are making a positive first impression on the team. 

“Practices force us to focus on strategy like distribution of weight, reflexes, plus a lot of running. They really do suck sometimes in the moment but they really do a lot for us. If we are going to get the state title this year we are going to have to work hard. I’m sure, with the help of our coaches, we will win state,” said junior Connor Katsafaros. 

Although the wrestling season is just beginning, the athletes are craving the competition. Winning a state title is a shared goal among all the athletes and coaches, after the successes of recent seasons. 

“I’m ready to get back with my teammates and work for the state title. But it was pretty heartbreaking to see Stento go down the way he did. I am hoping his injury doesn’t make too much of an impact on his wrestling career. I’d love to see him at state but who knows,” Senior Gage Demarco concluded. 

  The Sandscript is eager to follow along with the boys wrestling team this season. We wish them luck and hope the Seniors can make the best of their last year on a high school team.