School Bathroom Policies

Audrey White, Sandscript Author

School policies have been constantly debated, including dress codes, homework, AND bathroom policies

Teachers at CHS each have their own bathroom policies, respectively, and policies differ throughout the building. However, some teachers have a rule that students start each quarter with four extra credit points that count towards their quarter grade. If a student has to use the restroom during class, the student will have to forfeit an extra credit point. It is worth noting that students never forfeit academic points, but only one extra credit point for every bathroom visit, until the four run out. This leads students to debate if they should use the restroom or stay in class so they will not have to give up precious points that will ultimately boost their grade.


Teachers often make the argument that students should properly utilize passing period; however, speaking as a student, sometimes our next class is a far distance and we have a difficult time reaching our class in time as the crowded hallways add to the struggle. And when students are able to reach class easily, the bathroom lines can be quite lengthy and not every teacher is so gracious in granting restroom privileges. Alternatively, I understand the logic teachers follow in wanting their students to fully absorb the lesson instead of leaving during it.


Instead of having students sacrifice extra credit points in order to relieve themselves, it is my opinion that teachers should allow students to freely use the restroom when they need to. Additionally, it is greatly appreciated when teachers give students a collective break during class, typically five minutes long, where the students may use the restroom, get a drink, and stretch. Having a break in class also allows students to relax mentally for a few minutes which can aid in a better understanding of the lesson.


After speaking with health teacher, Mr. Anderson, I was able to see and appreciate the point of view of teachers and where they stand on the bathroom policy issue.


“I’m in favor of teachers being able to have their own policies that work best for their classrooms.” He explained, “So for my policy, I like to just reward kids who don’t end up using any bathroom passes by giving them some extra credit at the end of the nine weeks it goes towards their grade; therefore it kind of incentivizes them to stay in the classroom and try to make a point to go during passing period.”


After asking about the issue of students having a lack of time during passing periods, Mr. Anderson further explained, “I can see the amount of traffic in the hallways, from a student’s perspective a 7 minute passing period isn’t long enough for a bathroom break.” 

Through speaking with Mr. Anderson, I learned that his policy, in my opinion, is rather fair. He allows students to use the restroom before class as long as they ask before the bell, and he allows students to use the restroom around the end of class. However, he wants students to soak up the lessons, so if you use the restroom during a lesson, it will cost one extra credit point. If a student were to use up all of their extra credit points, then it will not count against the student.


Overall, I think that classes should have time for a break during class to stretch and use the restroom, and I think that students should be able to use the restroom when needed, though I understand and appreciate the idea of having the incentive of extra credit points.