Women’s Pockets- Let’s Talk About It

Audrey White, Sandscript Author

Women’s pockets- let’s talk about it.


It is my- and most women’s- opinion that jean pockets designed for female clothing should be bigger in size and dimension. In the pairs of jeans that I own, I have two front pockets and two back pockets. The back pockets are an appropriate size, but the front pockets? A complete joke.

I can barely fit my entire hand inside of my front pocket and these are supposed to be functional pockets? Why would designers create clothing with fashionable pockets when universally women desire functional pockets? Not to mention that numerous pairs of women’s jeans have fake pockets. Yes, fake. Why add a fake pocket when you can have a real pocket and actually use it? 


 According to Oxford Languages, a pocket is: a small bag sewn into or on clothing so as to form part of it, used for carrying small articles. The very function of a pocket is for storage on your person so that you are able to easily access whatever item you need that is in your possession. With miniscule, insignificant pockets, the pocket is not fulfilling its sole purpose and is rather worthless in all honesty. How am I supposed to store keys, money, my phone, or any other items I have in my pockets if my pockets are barely existing? Usually, women will carry a purse or a backpack to replace the pockets; however, this is an added expense that can result in back pain and more money when it could be simply fixed with just a little bit more fabric so that pockets can actually do what they were made to do. 


To confirm my opinion and venture into another perspective, I interviewed another girl  to see her stance on the women’s pockets issue.

Sophomore, Rosalie Salentine, explained, “Honestly, I think women’s pockets are pretty pathetic especially with how many things we have to carry on a daily basis. However, I think it’s another reason why purses were invented, to substitute for the silly design. Overall though, I’d like to see bigger pockets in women’s clothes because from experience, I am quite satisfied when the pants/dress pockets are large enough to hold things that may not need a purse.”


And what is the deal with the tiny pockets that sit all nestled inside of the already small pocket? Instead of adding a completely useless pocket, manufacturers can take that fabric and add more depth to the pocket that is already there. The entire reason to have pockets at all is for functionality, not fashion. Men’s pockets are able to store a great deal of items. If men’s pockets were to decrease in size, what would their reaction be? If men’s pockets were able to hold several different items inside spacious pockets, and then their pockets were downsized to the same measurements as female’s pockets, I can only imagine that this seemingly insignificant action would cause irritation. So my question is, why don’t manufacturers and designers do the same pocket design for women too?