Valparaiso’s Ice Rink Re-Opens for the Holidays

Festive Activities Such as Ice Skating Make Their Way Back to Valparaiso, Indiana

Gracelyn Perrine, Opinions Editor

Every year, many who live around the Valparaiso area take on the traditional festive activity of ice skating. The Central Park Plaza, located downtown Valpo, opens every year around mid-November to welcome the public to their ice rink, allowing many to enjoy the season with some skates and hot cocoa. This year, the ice rink is kicking off its open skate season today, the 15th, stretching its availability all the way through March 6th. The ice rink allows for open skates- times in which anyone can come to the rink and purchase general admission, either renting or bringing their own skates. These open skates consist of afternoon/night hours; however, they also have many opportunities consisting of admission passes for individuals and families, hockey leagues, and sharpening services for already-owned skates. The ice rink also allows for skating lessons of all ages and even reserved parties. All this information can be found on the Valpo Park’s website for further inquiries!

While ice skating may not be for everyone, many have claimed that the experience of watching others skate and enjoy their time on the rink is just as fun. For beginners who have not practiced the art of skating, there are many tools to help gain balance and glide on the ice, such as Skate Helpers. Whether you choose to get on the ice or stay out and watch, the many people who work as attendees of the rink make sure to encapsulate a safe and welcoming environment. If you are looking for something to do to enjoy the cold weather, as dreary as that can sound, definitely check out the ice skating rink downtown Valparaiso, Indiana. You may just discover a hidden talent!