What is Bones Day?

Madison Ramey

Recently, a man (or his dog really) has taken social media by storm.  Noodle, a 13-year-old pug, has become a viral sensation on the popular app, TikTok, with his “Bones or No Bones” daily prediction. Noodle’s owner, Jonathan Graziano (@jongraz), began sharing his way of determining whether his day will be good or bad.  Every morning, Graziano wakes Noodle, lifts him up, and depending on whether Noodle stays standing or not determines the kind of day it will be.  If Noodle wakes up “with bones” or, in other words, he stays standing after being lifted up, the day is deemed a “Bones Day”.  If Noodle determines that it is a ”Bones Day,” his fanbase can be safely reassured that it will be a good day and they will be productive.  If Noodle wakes up “without bones”, or he falls back into his sleeping position, the day is considered a “No Bones Day.”  During a “No Bones Day,” Noodle’s fanbase are informed that it will be a “bad day” or a “lazy day”. On “No Bones Day”s, one would be less productive, or could even experience bad luck, like a flat tire or car breakdown of some sort. Only time will tell how long this latest trend will last and hold its popularity.  Most TikTok viral trends run their courses and eventually become memories to reminisce over someday.  For right now, the Sandscript would hopes that many “Bones Days” come your way soon.