Gobble ‘Til You Wobble

The Sandscript Serves you the Best Thanksgiving Foods

Caroline Dardeau, Editor in Sports

Thanksgiving, the holiday that allows for shoving food in your face, without any judgement whatsoever. But every year, questions abound about this holiday: What is the best food? Why do some people think that turkey is the only acceptable meat on that day? Should it be nicknamed “Turkey Day” if not everyone eats meat or turkey on Thanksgiving? It is time to get to the bottom of the ins and outs of this feasting holiday.

Personally, I think Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays, mainly because I love to eat. I could eat for days on end, but the real question is: what is the best food at Thanksgiving? Some of the most popular sides are stuffing, mac ‘n’ cheese, sweet potatoes, casserole, mashed potatoes, cornbread, and cranberry sauce. The meats tend to be turkey, ham, meatloaf, chicken, duck, quail, and a rather interesting choice: the turducken (a duck stuffed inside of a chicken that’s stuffed inside of a turkey). To wrap up on many people’s favorite sweets, many desserts on this holiday include pies, cakes, cobblers, and a large assortment of pumpkin desserts. 

Personally, my ideal Thanksgiving meal would be ham, stuffing, brussels sprouts, green beans, mac ‘n’ cheese, rolls, and apple pie as my dessert! I am the person on Thanksgiving who could easily bypass a turkey, and even though the holiday is often nicknamed, “Turkey Day”, I am one hundred percent a ham over turkey person. Stuffing happens to be my favorite side because of the difference in taste that it brings to the table.  It compliments everything on the table so well.  Brussels sprouts, while not the most popular vege, are actually my favorite, as you can cook them any way you would like; however, I strongly recommend baking them extra crispy with bacon. Green Beans are another delicious side for Thanksgiving, and for me, beans are a bit more special because my grandmother has always grown and canned the best.  They have become a staple in our family meals. Macaroni and cheese is a favorite for people all over the world, as cheesy dishes are extra delicious when melted and warm, but be careful not to fill up too much on these scrumptious sides. And we can’t have Thanksgiving without the carbs, so bread must be on your Thanksgiving table! Personally, I don’t think you can beat the combo of yeast rolls with butter, but many prefer breads like French bread or pumpkin bread. To end the meal, everyone needs a sweet treat for the holiday.  Most families will make multiple different types of desserts, but for me, the classic go to for Thanksgiving dessert is the apple pie. Apple pies are my go to because of the way the cinnamon contrasts with the apples, and lets be honest I could eat baked apples any day of the week. 

When Thanksgiving comes around, most people choose the type of food listed above as an homage to celebrate and be thankful. However, many people with varying cultural beliefs have different meals and ideologies surrounding the holiday as well that they can celebrate with.
The Sandscript wishes everyone the best thanksgiving with all of the food that they love, surrounded by the people they love.