Thanksgiving vs Turkey Day

Nathan Montoya, Sandscript Author

Thanksgiving, as many know, is a highly celebrated holiday that is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November every year. This year, it will land on the 25th and many will be able to enjoy this day with friends, family, and delicious food. However, this popular holiday is sometimes also called “Turkey Day”, as a highly chosen choice of meat for this holiday is turkey. Now because of this proposed nickname, some may be confused about the true difference between the two names used for the holiday, or if there truly is a difference at all. It is time to get down to the bottom of why there are two terms, and which is more appropriate for the season of giving and thanks. 

In my opinion, the traditional “Thanksgiving” title fits the holiday more, as it is referring to the act of giving thanks during the feast, and reminiscing on the happy memories that many do on this day. In contrast, the name “Turkey Day” was earned due to the name of the bird eaten during this feast and celebration. However, this name may make the holiday seem like the whole purpose of it is to celebrate and eat turkey, and really nothing more. When you reflect on the true meaning and traditions of Thanksgiving, the saying “Turkey Day” is unimportant to the history behind this holiday. The real purpose of it is to appreciate our possessions, be thankful for the lives we have, reflect upon happy memories we’ve made with family and friends, and gather together with family, thus giving the name “Thanksgiving”. While many enjoy the food and delicious turkey usually cooked on this holiday, it is always important to recognize the history and the past of traditions. Keeping the true meaning of holidays and celebrations present in today’s world only allows many to join together for these occasions, and understand why they are doing so. Remember to eat well this Thanksgiving, but also to reflect and give thanks to those that made it all possible.