Chesterton Presents a New Club; Mock Trial


Sarah Sahli, Features Editor, Sandscript Author

Chesterton High School is beginning a new club titled Mock Trial. Its name summarizes its function. Mock Trial members will recreate a trial when provided a case and will represent both sides of the argument at hand, persecution and defense. They will play the role of a lawyer and a witness in court. A competitor will enter a round without knowing what arguments they might be challenged by. They will be required to present opening arguments, questions, and closing arguments. It is vital for all participants to obtain an exceptional knowledge of the case including minor details in order to successfully portray their role in court. A certified lawyer will act as the judge of each round determining the winner. 

Club sponsor, Miss Kristina Walton verifies, “We meet every other Thursday in my room. We are meeting online in the weeks in between. Everyone is welcome.” 

2021-2022 Mock Trial members will create arguments based on the case provided by Mrs. Walton.