Ask Erin: Screentime

Nathan Montoya, Sandscript Author

Question: “I spend too much time on my phone, how can I reduce my screen time?” 


An eye-strained student


Most people nowadays suffer from overuse and even mental dependence on phones and other forms of screens. But what are ways that someone can reduce the amount of time they spend on a phone, laptop, gaming system, etc? 

Finding hobbies is a good way to entertain yourself, or at the very least, keep yourself busy without relying on a phone. Some activities you can do that don’t involve a device are exercising. It is a way to not only keep yourself busy for long periods of time but also can benefit you physically. You can go to the gym to work out and gain muscle, go to a track, or even run around your neighborhood if you’d prefer to run around rather than be in a gym. If you don’t consider yourself a gym rat, another thing you can do is play a board game with friends or family. Busting out something like Uno, or Pictionary, and relaxing is a great time as well. Forget all about who you were texting, have laughs aplenty, and live in the moment. Going outside, going on a walk, and enjoying nature allows you to get fresh air which can ultimately boost your moods and well-being. 

Other alternatives to using devices include bringing a book and going somewhere calm to read, hanging out with friends, getting food at a nice restaurant, or even a fast-food joint. There are so many other ways to have fun without stuffing your face into a screen!

If a hobby cannot be made, it’s also possible to work on improving your life, whether it be turning in homework, cleaning up your house, taking a nice shower, etc. Life doesn’t need to revolve around being on your phone and texting people, as it is important to take care of yourself and put yourself first, rather than someone or something else. You should always come first when it comes to life; not a phone, or anything else. This, and everything else talked about are great alternatives to help reduce screen time because of their nature in helping your overall life.