2022 Top New Year’s Resolutions

Should Auld goals be forgot?

Audrey White, Sandscript Author

New Years is a holiday celebrated all around the world, excitedly welcoming new beginnings and opportunities. Oftentimes, people mark the new year with intention- a plan put in action to better themselves. However, it is a common occurrence that people fall away from their goals within a matter of months. Instead of regular New Year’s Resolutions that usually hit the lists of the masses, here are some alternatives to common resolutions:

#1  Lose weight

Alternative: As someone who has struggled with self image, I completely stand by doing what is best for your specific body. Instead of challenging yourself to lose weight or do tedious exercises, eat foods that will nourish your body and participate in physical activities you personally enjoy, because what works for one person may not work for another, and it’s important to be in tune with your own body and take care of it the best way you can.

#2   Get organized

Alternative: Time tends to elude us more than we realize and we can oftentimes be forgetful if we have a lot on our to do lists already. One way to combat the unfinished to-do list is a planner! Even if you simply jot down a few things you hope to accomplish within a certain time frame, it can help focus yourself on whatever task you need to complete- be it a chore, homework, or something fun you enjoy! 

#3   Decrease screen time

Alternative: A tricky goal many people strive for is to decrease their screen time. I know when I personally view how much time I spend on Instagram, I quickly exit because the number is always much higher than I intend or expect. However, if you modify this goal, it can of course be attainable! Now, I understand that we use our school devices and phones pretty much all the time, but if what you’re searching for is connection with people, I suggest joining an extracurricular activity, as Chesterton High School provides an array of activities for everyone. Another way to lessen your screen time is to set limits or reminders on your phone at set intervals so that you can be aware of the time spent scrolling through social media.


#4   Get better grades

Alternative: A common academic goal students typically set for themselves, is to get better grades. Luckily, there are numerous opportunities to do just this! Chesterton High School offers Tutoring Tuesdays to help students with subjects they may have a difficult time with. Also, students can of course ask for extra help from teachers and can study with friends. And there is no need for embarrassment if you do need help or if you aren’t grasping certain concepts and material- learning is a process.

# 5   Be Happier and Less Stressed

Alternative: The absolute worst thing to say to a person who is stressed is: “Just relax, don’t stress!” I become stressed very easily, and I know that adults and teenagers also struggle with this too. Some ways to combat stress and be happier are a bit cliché, but can really help in the long run: 

  • Find out the source of your stress: For me, it’s homework. Homework makes me incredibly worrisome and when I have to complete a project or assignment, I push myself a bit too far to where I’m no longer happy and I’m not giving my best effort.
  • Get a good night’s rest: I cannot express how many nights I have stayed up extremely late, trying to finish homework. What helped me to structure my homework time was to use a document on my school device where I can quickly type out what assignments I have to finish along with the due date. Then, I will take an overview of my week. My maroon days are not as busy as my gold days, and I am able to utilize my SRT time on my maroon days. I usually save up my SRT periods and work on whatever I can and save the rest for a time when I know I will not be occupied. This method has helped me balance my schoolwork with life,
  • Try out breathing exercises: When you become stressed, it does the body and mind much good to recenter yourself and focus on a vital thing- breathing. Once you feel calm, you can better figure out what you need to do.


What is your New Year’s Resolution CHS?