Erin Offers Suggestions For Winter Activities!

Erin offers suggestions to cure winter blues – Advice to stay entertained during winter blues

Dear Erin,


I am so bored stuck inside while it snows and I just want to have something to do. What are some ideas for fun winter activities?



A Bored Student 


Hey Bored Student,


I understand where you are coming from. Sitting at your window, watching tons of snow fall, and wanting to go play in it, yet being hesitant because you’re confused on what to do exactly is a real conflict. Never fear, the winter activity guy is here! So put on those snow pants and get ready for some amazing ideas. 

  1. If it’s snowing a lot and everything is covered in snow, grab your shovel and start shoveling your driveway! This may be classified as a chore, but the satisfying feeling of being able to see your hard work pay off is definitely worth it. And you might just make your parents’ day! Just make sure to shovel when the snow stops, or else you’ll have to do that again… and again…
  2. Go sledding! Even if you don’t have any friends to sled with, you can sled alone. Once you get to the top of the hill, get a running start and go sliding down that slope of fluffy water. Just be sure to tell an adult where you are in case of an injury.
  3. If you are fortunate and have friends in your neighborhood, host a huge snowball fight. Create forts and team up with each other, then hold a competition to see who the winner is. Spice it up with prizes and other exciting rules!
  4. Ice skating! It can be a challenging activity; however, it is fun even if you fall down every 5 minutes. Hold hands with a friend and twirl around the rink.
  5. Take advantage of the beautiful national park we have and go on a hike! It may be cold but the snow is a great contrast to the dark colors of the woods. You may also be able to see the wildlife in the area! Bundle up!


If it is way too snowy, here are some amazing activities to do inside while sipping some hot chocolate.

  1. Have a movie marathon with friends or family. Pick out some movies that you’ve been wanting to watch for the past few weeks and make time to watch them all. Be sure to make popcorn for all those movies as well!
  2. Do you have a book that you’ve been trying to read for a while, but haven’t found time to do it? Now is the perfect time to sit down and get cozy with that book. Make yourself a hot drink and catch up!
  3. Do some winter cleaning. Another chore idea, but cleaning is a great idea to energize yourself in the time of hibernation and cold. Getting rid of old things and wiping the dust away is just the thing needed to bring some light into your life.
  4. Let your creativity flow and learn some crafts to put up on your walls or to decorate your home. Learn to make origami, play with clay, or paint on a canvas. 
  5. Rearrange your bedroom, or redecorate it. Instead of moving your dresser in the middle of the night, do it when it’s chilly outside and you have nothing else to do. A rearranged room is like a fresh breath of air and can improve your mood.


Use this list to get ideas, or make your own list and check off those things as you go through the day. Stay warm and enjoy the snow!