Color Guard Season 2022

Color Guard season kickoff!

Audrey White, Sandscript Author

The Color Guard is currently open for pre-season sessions for potential participants. After interviewing the Color Guard Coach, Miss Gorski, I was able to further inquire about Color Guard and the upcoming season. 


Q: What is Color Guard?

A: Color Guard is an activity similar to dance where our team works with the marching band to portray a certain story or emotion through the movement of body, flags, rifles, sabres, and occasionally other props. The show concept is further communicated through specific music, flags and uniforms that tie everything together.


Q: What does the process look like for someone wanting to join Color Guard?

A: Anyone interested in joining Color Guard can do so by attending one of our pre-season sessions that are happening NOW! We have two left. One on March 8th (next Tuesday so I’m not sure if it will be before this particular article goes to print) and April 19th from 6-8. Each session will begin in the band room right here at CHS. There is no previous experience required. We teach you everything you need to know! If, after attending one of these sessions, you decide you would like to be a part of our team, you will receive information about our summer camp sessions where we will begin learning the show for the fall. If any one has specific questions they can email Miss Gorski ([email protected])  or Mr. Bess ([email protected]


Q: To those who do join, what will the Color Guard season entail?

A: Our season actually begins in the summer, we have a mini-camp in June where we begin with basics, and spend some time getting to know each other a little better. Then in late-July/early-August, we have Band Camp, where we learn most of the show that we will be competing with for the season. Once the school year begins, Color Guard will be one of your classes during the school day. Outside of school, we rehearse three times a week after school. Finally you’ll get to show off everything you’ve learned at each home football game and about 6 competitions that happen around the state! The performance season and after school commitments usually end in mid-October.


Q: How should a person prepare for tryouts?

A: Come to one of our pre-season sessions with an attitude ready to learn something new!


Q: What is your favorite part about being the Color Guard coach?

A: Personally, my favorite part of coaching is getting to work with the high schoolers. There are some really awesome and talented people I get to work with. It’s really rewarding to watch the skill levels, friendships, confidence and sense of pride increase for everyone throughout the season. My favorite part of Color Guard as an activity is getting to learn those new skills, and make the audience feel something specific based on the theme that has been selected, and let me say, next year’s show is going to be really cool!


Color Guard is a unique opportunity to perform for your school! “[It’s awesome] Performing and seeing the whole show come together,” Lydia Comfort, a member of Color Guard, explained.