Rebuilding Together – Duneland Offers an Opportunity for Students to Give Back

Help out the community on April 30 with Rebuilding Together Duneland


Caroline Dardeau, Editor in Sports

     Rebuilding Together is an organization housed in Washington D.C. whose mission statement is to “Bringing volunteers and communities together to improve the homes and lives of financially burdened (or low-income) homeowners, assuring they live in warmth, safety, dignity and independence.”

     Rebuilding Together – Duneland is a program associated with Washington based Rebuilding Together. This is the nation’s largest nonprofit volunteer organization that helps rebuild communities to make sure everyone is living in safe, welcoming environments. Starting with the mindset of neighbors helping neighbors, Rebuilding Together – Duneland is on the 25th year of helping the community of Duneland. Rebuilding Together – Duneland helps those who are located in the Duneland School District, Chesterton, Porter, and Burns Harbor. Helping those who are located in the Duneland area, that qualify for assistance and need repairs to keep them safe, warm, and dry. 

     Rebuilding Together Duneland is assisting the less fortunate in the community on April 30. If you are attending prom, the board has agreed to dismiss all attendees of Chesterton Prom at 12 PM.

      If you would like to help Rebuilding Together Duneland, you can volunteer or donate at 

    If you would like to apply for assistance for yourself or someone you know, go to