Ask Erin: What do I do if I get COVID?


Question: “What should I do if I get COVID?” 

Sincerely, Isolated Student

COVID-19 has been an issue for many people, for what feels like an eternity, but not everyone is always aware of what proper safety precautions they should use when sick with COVID. To start off, you should check your symptoms, and take a test to confirm whether or not you actually have COVID. Due to different variants taking reign, it can be quite difficult to figure out if it is COVID or regular sickness. To add, now that many have become fully vaccinated, symptoms can be as mild as a headache. 

To get a test you can go to a CVS, and not only get tested at the location, but you can also buy an at-home test to take and follow the directions to find out whether or not you have COVID. You can also look up on Google “COVID testing locations near you”, in case there is not a nearby CVS or Walgreens to go to.

If you end up testing positive, you should stay at home; stay in a specific room at all times, and use a separate bathroom if possible. Stay away from anyone or any pets, but if you need to be around other people or animals in your house, wear a mask. You should also tell your friends and family that you have COVID, as to not accidentally spread the virus to other people. To try to fight off the symptoms make sure you’re taking proper medication like ibuprofen to get rid of headaches, as an example. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, and get lots of rest to let your body fight off the virus.

 If you’re taking the proper safety precautions, and letting your body rest and heal, eventually the symptoms should go away after a few days if they’re mild, or a couple of weeks if they are moderate.