5 Funny April Fool’s Day Pranks To Pull on Friends and Family

Sandscript provides ideas for holiday pranks

Carl Harding, Writer

April Fools’ Day is almost upon us and many people are excited, while others are afraid because of the many pranks that could be pulled on them. Some people might not know what kind of prank they should use on their family or friends and could use some help with coming up with a plan for their own prank. This article can help those who need some ideas on what kind of prank to pull on their parents, siblings, or friends whether you wanna go all out on them with a prank that will leave them smelling funny. Or a small harmless prank that will leave them confused.


#5- Salt shaker with sugar 

This prank will give someone a sweet surprise when they use their salt shaker. This prank requires you to put a piece of paper towel over the top of the salt shaker, put a teaspoon of sugar on the paper towel, and then put the lid back on. Prepare to laugh at the face they will make when they get an ultimate sweet punch. 


#4- Ketchup Donut

This prank is hilarious because of the reaction people give you when they bite into the donut and they realize there is ketchup in the donut. To pull this off you need to make a little hole on the side of a donut and then fill it up with ketchup. Make sure that the person doesn’t notice the hole, so I would recommend you lay the donut on the side that doesn’t have the hole on it. After this, your friend may never trust you with getting donuts ever again.


#3- Brussel Sucker

This prank replaces the candy part of a sucker with a brussel sprout on the stick, causing your friend to actually eat some veggies. You need to remove the candy part of the sucker, put a brussel sprout on it, and wrap the veggie back up to make it look like it has not been tampered with. 


#2- Soup Bath

This prank will leave your sibling or parent with a smell of chicken after they have a nice and relaxing bath. To do this you need some chicken bouillon cubes to put in the faucet of the tub, once the water starts running the cubes will begin to disintegrate and give off that smell of chicken. Once your family member realizes what is going on it will be too late for them. 


For the #1 best April Fool’s prank, we have the Hidden Speaker prank. This one is my all-time favorite prank because of how crazy you can take it. These little speakers can be hidden so well that sometimes it is impossible to find these little suckers. With this prank, all you have to do is find a nice place to hide the speaker where no one would dare look and play whatever sound you want to annoy the heck out of your family. 


 With these pranks at your disposal, you will be able to make your April Fool’s Day experience the best it has been in years, and if you do attempt to prank your friends or family, The Sandscript wishes you the best of luck.