The CHS Dress Drive is Providing Dresses for all Students to Try On

Make Sure You Get Your Dress Before They’re All Gone

Linnea Sundquist, Sandscript Author

Chesterton High School’s Student Government is having their annual dress drive for students to pick out dresses for junior and senior prom. Ms. Bullock is the founder of the CHS Dress Drive and is allowing students, juniors and seniors, to try on dresses for prom 2022. Every dress that is available is up for grabs but it is first come first serve as of right now. Students can also take home dresses and try them on but they do not need to return the dresses after they have been used or they find the perfect one. Students should return their dress if that specific dress does not work for them. If a dress gets ruined or damaged in any way there is no fee for students to pay nor do they have to replace one.  

The end of the Dress Drive ends this Saturday, April 2nd. If students want to try on a dress they may email Ms. Bullock to set up a time and date to try a dress on. If they have any other additional questions they can contact her at [email protected]

The Dress Drive at CHS is a very helpful resource to students during prom season and if anyone doesn’t have the time to buy a dress or doesn’t want to spend a lot of money on a prom dress, this is a fantastic opportunity for them.