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Madison Ramey , Writer

Unrecognized Oscars

Oscars not presenting some categories in an effort to shorten the show 

The Oscars will be presented as usual this year for the most part. A new presentation method has been adopted, as the company that runs the Oscars, the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, has made decisions to make the show more entertaining to its audience. The change is that they are excluding some of the awards from the live show and recording them beforehand and then posting them on the internet since they aren’t gonna be on the show this year. The Oscars that will not be presented are documentary, film editing, makeup/hairstyling, music, production design, animated short film, live-action short film, and sound. I feel as though this isn’t right since in previous years they presented everything without a problem. In the previous years, I thought the show was very well run because they had everything presented, then they would have an ad after a few more are presented. Over the years, I’ve become used to that method of presentation. The traditional presentation will always be held close to my heart but sometimes change is a good thing. “The move was made to “prioritize the television audience to increase viewer engagement and keep the show vital, kinetic, and relevant” by allowing for “more time and opportunity for audience entertainment and engagement through comedy, musical numbers, film clip packages, and movie tributes,” David Rubin told Good Morning America. Even with that said, it makes me feel sad for all the people that have put all of the work into their careers, and now they are no longer shown on the air at all. These talented individuals deserve some type of recognition for being recognized as the most elite among people with those skills. Another reason why these categories aren’t being televised was released by Variety stating, “Eight honors will instead be awarded during off-air parts of the show and then edited into the telecast.”All in all, it seems that these changes will have a significant impact on the Oscar-watching community. This year the Oscars took place on March 27th.