Celebrate Reading with National Library Month

Madison Ramey , Writer

The holiday celebrates libraries, and library workers, promoting support and usage of libraries. 

   National Library Month came into existence in the 1950s when people began reading less and buying more electronics. It is celebrated from April 3 to April 9, but many libraries have extended it to last the whole month. The ALA and American Book Publishers created the National Book Foundation in 1954 to help celebrate literature. To elaborate, because the National Book Foundation is a foundation that celebrates literature, the foundation sets up many events and provides local and school libraries opportunities to participate in the day. 

   With it being National Library Month, the Sandscript interviewed one of our librarians here at CHS, Emily Wilt. Mrs. Wilt, our CHS Media Specialist. She likes to work with students and even more so during National Library Month since it is her time to shine!

   Our school library celebrates through social media posts and other smaller means of celebration within the school library itself.  Furthermore, the librarians at CHS are constantly attempting to improve the quality of experience for staff and students. Some have provided ideas, but one, in particular, has stuck out to Wilt. 

     “A student that attends CHS had told me that they wanted to see a looming creature in the corner of the library as a way to show that the creature is protecting the library and they said it would have a nice touch on the library,” said Wilt.

    Other people at CHS have suggested that the library bring back older programs from the past to make the library more fun, like movie nights and reading retreats! Aside from the students, Wilt was asked about her own opinions such as what National Library Month means to her, what books and genres she likes, and how she will celebrate this month for National Library Month. “I think National Library Month is an opportunity to highlight how school libraries are special to education. I plan to celebrate National Library Month by listening to what other people have to say about libraries whether that’s in a good or bad sense”, Wilt said. Celebrate National Library Month this year at your local or school library!