Martinson named Secondary Teacher of the Year.

CHS German teacher earns yearly staff honor

Carl Harding, Writer

The finals results for the 2022 Secondary Teacher of the Year are now in and the winner is Chesterton High School German teacher Justin Martinson. This year’s six nominees for this award are Spanish two teacher Lisa Dyer of Chesterton High School, 8th grade English Teacher Liz Graupner of Chesterton Middle School, Yearbook director and English teacher Jennifer Jendrzejcykz of Chesterton Hight School, 7th and 8th-grade Health teacher Kim Stento of Chesterton Middle School, Librarian Emily Wilt of Chesterton High School, and German 1-3 teacher Justin Martinson of Chesterton High School. Martinson was very happy to receive this award as it shows how big of an impact he has left on this school.  

It is very humbling for me to have received this award. I’m proud of the positive impact I have been able to make on my students and on my community. I strive to make my classroom a welcoming place where students are inspired to learn and have fun each day,” Martinson said.

 Martinson has been teaching since 2014 when he first started as an aide at Liberty Elementary School (LES). After he had returned from Germany where he had spent the last three years learning the culture and language. Then, he taught as a 2nd-grade teacher for two years at LES before he was given an opportunity to teach German at Chesterton High School in 2017. It is known by most people why Martinson likes German, but some may not know why Martinson teaches German and wonder what drives his passion for the language.

I love teaching German at CHS! It’s my dream job! It was always my favorite subject in school, and I even lived in Germany for several years. It is an honor to share the wonderful culture of German-speaking countries with my students. I hope to foster a desire in students to travel someday and to experience firsthand different cultures, ideas, and customs,” said Martinson.

 This is not Martinson’s first award as he has many. In 2021,  Martinson was recognized by the American Association of Germans as an outstanding teacher and earned the Rising Star award. He also received the Kenneth Allen Teacher of Excellence award in 2017 and in 2015 he was awarded the Indiana Outstanding Future Educator Award. 

When students and staff get the chance, head down to Mr. Martinson’s room in C174 in the World Language Hallway to congratulate him on this tremendous achievement.