Is Animation for Kids?

At the Oscars this year, Alberto Mieglo, 42, mentioned how animation should be for adults and that his decision is final. 

Madison M Ramey, Writer

Meiglo had won the best animated short at the 94th academy awards, however, most people at the Oscars did not agree with this opinion of animation being for kids. One of the hosts of the Oscars, Amy Schumer stated, “I have a toddler so I just watched Encanto 190 times.” This quote can be considered important or controversial since most people would think that she is exaggerating. Some animations are deemed to be for kids while others are not. 

Many animations that kids are familiar with include examples such as My Little Pony and Scooby-Doo: Where Are You! Some that aren’t, particularly for kids are South Park and Big Mouth. The animations that aren’t labeled for kids are meant to be watched by mature audiences such as teenagers and adults, and this is ultimately instated by Mashable. Mashable is the company that made the article that the information was from. I also agree with this statement since not everything is made for kids because not everyone likes what kids like. 

Some animations such as Encanto and Turning Red have some themes that shouldn’t be normalized due to how some people view them. For example, Encanto and Turning Red have themes that aren’t quite appropriate for kids to view.  

I think that in the end animation can be portrayed as both kid and adult films, and the meaning can be taken in any way, in a soft or rough tone nonetheless. Everyone will perceive it differently and that is perfectly ok! Therefore, the animation is for kids and adults.