Picture Day This Week!

This Thursday and Friday, students will take school photos.

Aiden Sweet, Staff Author

Each year students put on their Sunday best so that they can have a quality school photo.  Others wear jerseys, or just regular t-shirts, but no matter what, school picture day makes each student feel a certain type of way.  No matter what that feeling is for you, each student at CHS needs to have a picture taken.  Safety for students is just one of the many reasons that having your picture taken helps out the school district. With picture day approaching this Thursday and Friday, August 25 and 26, we wanted to share the information below so that you can make certain your picture is taken and you’ll be in the yearbook. If you know you are going to be absent during your English class this Thursday, please make arrangements to have your picture taken at a different point during the day.

School Pictures CHS grades 9-12

Date: August 25-26

Time: 7:30am – 3:15pm

All students will take pictures during their English classes (or SRT or before/after school if you are absent in your English class)