Trojan Guard Performance Information 2022-2023

Rylan Fields, Sandscript Author

Every home football game, the Chesterton High School Trojan Guard sets the ambiance of the field with their musical numbers. Unfortunately, many fans are in the dark regarding what they do outside football games. Outside of football, they compete against other marching bands in front of multiple judges from ISSMA and Bands of America. The following dates are the opportunities you have to see performances by the Trojan Guard.

The first competition will take place at Goshen High School on September 10th. One week later, they will compete at Concord High School on September 17th in Elkhart, Indiana. Their third competition will be at Penn High School in Mishawaka, Indiana, on September 24th. Lastly, the Trojan Guard will take a trip down to Louisville, Kentucky, starting on September 30th and returning after they perform on October 1st. The starting time of each performance will vary depending on the order scheduled.

The Guard will continue to play during halftime at football games on September 2nd, September 23rd, and October 14th, except for September 23rd, which they will perform at approximately 6:30 pm before the football game due to homecoming.

Make sure to mark down these dates on your calendar if you want to attend future performances by the Chesterton High School Trojan Guard.