Top 4 Summer Shows

Out of all the shows that came out this summer, These are the Top Four Shows of 2022

Abi Carper, Sandscript Writer

 These shows are Never Have I Ever, What We Do In The Shadows, The Summer I Turned Pretty , and lastly Stranger Things 

       Never Have I Ever is a girly teen comedy about a girl named Devi who decides to make sophomore the year she finally becomes popular and has a boyfriend. In order to do this, she hatches a plan to get her and her two best friends to become popular. Meanwhile, she is also working to heal through the trauma of her dad dying. Maitreyi Ramakrishnan and Darren Barnet star as Devi and Paxton, one of the main love interests. While these actors are relatively new to the industry, they did a phenomenal job portraying the characters. All of the characters are so incredibly relatable and really show the struggles that high school students face. Moreover, it’s one of the few TV shows that depict more Indian representation. You can find this fantastic summer show exclusively on Netflix. 

      What We Do In The Shadows is a mock comedy about four vampires and their human friend who have been roommates for hundreds of years. The vampires from their world travel to find their mansion on the verge of collapse and a freakishly new creature in the mansion. The show is a mockumentary; it gives the actors a chance to glance at the cameraman. The ways in which they mock other vampire shows were that they were all very over dramatic and very over the top. Kayvan Novak and Natasia Demetriou star in this show. Natasia also stars in The Cuphead Show. Kayvan Novak also starred in Men In Black International as Vungus. You can find this show on Hulu, Prime Video, ABC, FXNOW, and Apple TV.  This show began back in 2019.  

          The Summer I Turned Pretty tells the story of Belly and how she ventures to Cousins, Wilmington, North Carolina, for summer and becomes the center of a love triangle between two brothers. Belly has known them her whole life because they are her mothers best friends’ sons. This show is similar to the Kissing Booth in how Elle (the main character of that show) has to choose between two guys who are her best friend and her boyfriend. The Summer I Turned Pretty all takes place in the summer. It gives you that ultimate summer feeling. The actors did a few small projects but weren’t too well known Lola Tung (Belly) has only worked on The Summer I turned Pretty, but the actor of Jeramiah ( Gavin Casalengo) has worked on The Vampire Diaries as Young damon along with I AM GABRIEL, and Nine seconds. Some of the serious scenes had so much emotion and really made the viewers feel like they were there (even made me cry). 

      Stranger Things Season 4 is another great summer watch. This season really focuses on El’s background and where she came from. There were a lot of intense flashbacks to the lab she was raised in and the events that took place there.  There are new characters like Eddie Muson who seems to be a fan favorite, along with Chrissy as well.  Eddie really stood out because he was fun, weird, and very outgoing. Eddie’s clothes also stand out, he dresses very grunge and he can be very loud. Joseph Quinn did an excellent job playing him. Additionally, a new villain named Vecna is introduced. Vecna involves a really big plot twist. Vecna gets into people’s minds and makes them hallucinate scary things, raises them up in the air then proceeds to crack all of their bones until they are dead. What makes this show so unique is that it appeals to almost all ages from genz to older millennials. You can watch this show exclusively on Netflix.


Overall, these top four shows will make your summer even better. With varying genres, they are all so captivating and great to watch.