You Really Autumn Know the Best Fall Movies

Perfect Fall Movies To Watch In Sweater Weather

Ashley Drury, Sandscript Author

As the fall season kicks off and the weather becomes cooler, people tend to stay inside more. One of the perfect fall activities that require no driving is getting comfy and putting on a movie. Here are some of the best fall movies to watch this fall while getting cozy and staying home.


Up first, Little Women. It is the perfect fall movie to watch, being that it isn’t a horror movie. The genre of this movie is romance/drama that is rated PG and perfect to watch with anyone. Little Women is heartfelt and deals with the struggles of finding yourself, as well as some of the struggles women had to face in the past. The main characters of this movie are referred to as the March sisters. As you go throughout the movie, you watch the sisters grow into adulthood with a touching storyline and a comfortable atmosphere. This movie is perfect to watch right before you sleep on a fall night. 


Casper the ghost brings nostalgia for many people, as he is known as the iconic friendly ghost. The child-friendly movie Casper follows Casper as new people move into the mansion he peacefully haunts. James Harvey, the dad who moved in to communicate with Casper, brings his teenage daughter Kat along. Little did he know that Casper would end up falling for Kat. Casper is a movie full of mischievous fun and the perfect fall and Halloween combo.


Next on the fall movie list is the Dead Poets Society. The movie features the iconic Robin Williams and how his character teaches a group of prep school boys English in a unique way. Full of chaotic fun, and heartfelt moments, it’s a lovely movie with beautiful performances that bring tears to your eyes. The seasons the movie takes place in are primarily fall and winter giving it the best coziest vibe.


For this next movie, who wouldn’t want to watch a smart gifted girl mess with her bullies and her rude parents through the power of telekinesis? No this isn’t Carrie, but it’s another childhood movie classic called Matilda. The movie is a fun family comedy with of course a great ending, who wouldn’t want anything more than that for a cozy afternoon? This is also one of the more light-hearted options along with Casper so if you are looking for just some plain old fun happy vibes this movie is for your fall movie night,


Ending things off strong with a stop animation classic known as Coraline. Coraline is another fall/Halloween combo as no doubt there is spooky behavior in this movie. This movie follows Coraline as she discovers a duplicate world hidden inside her own home, with the other mother. Newer generations certainly will have remembered this movie making it perfect to just curl up with some hot chocolate and watch as Coraline deals with the problem at hand.


Now that you have some recommendations, even if it’s something you have already seen. Grab your favorite fall snacks and beverages, along with a cozy blanket, and then settle in to enjoy a fall movie binge.