2022 Emmy Highlights 

Memorable Moments Awarded in TV

Ashley Drury, Sandscript Author

The 74th Emmy Awards show took place on September 12, announcing the awards for each TV category. The Emmys are one of the most important events that the television industry looks forward to every year and is highly praised by the public. That being said, here are the highlights of the 2022 Emmys.

The award for ‘Outstanding Drama Series, went to Succession, a dark comedy show with three seasons on HBO Max. Even with many popular shows nominated, Succession still won. Surprisingly, popular Netflix series Stranger Things did not win Outstanding Drama, despite being a massive internet sensation during the summer. Moreover, Euphoria and Squid Games took social media by storm, yet they failed to make the cut. 

However, the lead actors for both Euphoria (Zendaya) and Squid Games (Lee Jung-jae) still took home Outstanding Actor Awards for a drama series. Zendaya’s portrayal of Rue in the hit HBO show was deep and emotional as she had to take on the role of a drug addict. Considering, she was competing against well-known actresses, including Reese Witherspoon, Sandra Oh, and Jodie Comer, Zendaya’s acting must have been absolutely phenomenal. However, it is important to note that Zendaya had a lot more media attention than the other actresses. Moreover, Lee Jung-jae’s performance as Seong Gi-hun in Squid Games was extremely popular as the show got a lot of media attention worldwide. His performance was not only serious but emotional as the series progressed.

Ted Lasso is a comedy-drama on Apple TV about an American football coach who is hired to coach an English football team. The show won ‘Outstanding Comedy Series’ while also its lead actor, Jason Sudeikis, also won the award for ‘Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series.’ The show is more popular amongst the adult crowd, as well as with the other nominees for the category. Jean Smart was the actress who took home the Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series award for the HBO Max series Hacks. This award was not surprising as she had won 5 Emmys out of 12 total nominations.

The live-action of iconic characters Chip ‘n’ Dale won the Outstanding Television Movie Award, which is for movies that are released only on streaming services in contrast to theaters. Chip ‘n’ Dale: Rescue Rangers came out on May 20, 2022, on Disney plus, bringing these characters back to the big screen. The win was expected as the other nominees were not as advertised. Additionally, considering that Disney is such a big streaming platform, it was bound to win.

HBO show The White Lotus won the Outstanding Limited Series Award. The comedy-drama show follows a fictional resort chain called White Lotus. The show’s first season was set in Hawaii whereas its second season, which will premiere on October 30th, was set in Sicily. The show’s win can be seen as expected as the finale of the show drew 1.9 million viewers.

With that wrapping up the 2022 Emmys awards show, it is exciting to see what the next Emmys will have in store, as many shows are coming out and new seasons of tv shows are launching. It will be exciting to see the new nominees and who will take home the victory next year.