Xbox or Playstation?

Which is Better?

When faced with the choice between an Xbox and a Playstation, which one should be picked? Let’s talk about the things they both have in common. First of all, they are both easy and simple to set up rather than a PC because, for a computer, you have to build the whole thing which can sometimes be frustrating. But for Xbox and Playstation, you just have to take it out of the box, plug it in, and then create an account and it takes up less time. 


Xbox and Playstation both offer you the option to pay for a subscription to play online with friends and play/download online games, which a few people in the console community are complaining about. You can also watch TV and download other apps too. Xbox and Playstation both have digital and disc games. Recently Microsoft began requiring users to buy digital versions of games. The company has decided not to even include a disc port in the new systems, simply because they wanted to try something fancy and make it look different.


Both systems have other features that are worth talking about. First of all, for Xbox players, there is a certain button on the controller that users can press that allows them to live stream the games that they’re playing. Another feature of Xbox is that it can be customized to a certain color by changing the theme to fit its user’s desires. Users can also record game clips, take screenshots and even listen to music while playing a game. 

Now let’s examine some of the features Playstation has to offer. First, Playstation lets you record game clips and take screenshots when playing a game, Playstation also allows you to live stream while playing a game along with listening to music. Another feature would be voice chat so that way users can talk to friends while a game too. And Playstation has a “sleep mode” so the console is not officially powered off. An additional aspect of the Playstation is that it also gives you the option to customize it by changing the color, and what type of background you want, and even lets you change your avatar for your profile.


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