School Board Recognitions for October 13, 2022

Aiden Sweet, Sandscript Author

Aiden Sweet, Staff Author

Duneland schools are thrilled & excited to acknowledge staff and student accomplishments this week. Outstanding job to three Chesterton High School seniors who earned their names as National Merit Scholarship Semifinalists. Each of the three students was one of only 16,000 Semifinalists recognized in the 2023 National Merit Scholarship Corporation, also short for (NMSC). 


Over 1.5 million students entered this competition by taking the 2021 PSAT and have now achieved the first step in the competition for over 7,000 Merit Scholarships that are worth even more than $30 million in scholarship money that is to be named next spring. Each of these amazing students has been rewarded with a certificate, along with their very own yard sign that can be displayed at each of their homes.


Good job to three Chesterton High School seniors who have been awarded the named Commended Students in the National Merit Scholarship Program of 2023. About 34,000 students who have been Commended all throughout the nation were being recognized for their stupendous academic promise, even though they will not be continuing in the competition for National Merit Scholarship awards, Commended Students will have been placed among the top 50,000 scores and more than over 1.5 million students that entered in the 2023 competition by taking the 2021 PSAT.


In an effort to support students’ awesome success in graduating, our school has been adding more and more layers of support for the students at CHS. Some may include graduation coaches, credit recovery classes, etc. Creating strong relationships with seniors is what makes a difference when coming to get everyone from one side of the stage to the other. In despite of COVID-19, Chesterton High School has gone off the charts to its highest rate of graduation since the year 2017. It even exceeded their goal by achieving a score of 95.52% in terms of graduation rate for the Class of 2022.


Good Job!