Grace Bamber Commits to the University of Southern Indiana

Bamber Will Be Continuing Her Career with Girls Soccer at University of Southern Indiana

Linnea Sundquist, Entertainment Section Editor

Grace Bamber signed her letter of intent to the University of Southern Indiana a couple of weeks ago for Girls Soccer and will be majoring in Political Science. Bamber has been playing the sport ever since she could remember and she could not be more thrilled to continue playing at university next fall. 


Throughout her years at Chesterton, Bamber has had many accomplishments, such as winning  Times Player of the Year for Northwest Indiana her junior year and earning  1st Team All Conference, All Area and All District honors. She was even invited to participate in the Internal Regional Olympian Development Program when she was in 8th grade. Bamber not only has excelled brilliantly in athletics but also in academics. She is a member of National Honor Society as well as the Red Cross Club and Student Government. 


The University of Southern Indiana really stuck out to Bamber, especially the girls soccer team members and the coach. She went to train with the team and just knew this was the university she wanted to attend. 


“I really liked the coaches, especially how we connected and the girls on the team were really nice, it was just a great environment to be in,” says Bamber. 


The recruitment process can be very tricky for young athletes, but for Bamber it came pretty easy. But Bamber was spotted at one of her soccer games when she was playing the upper middle and was offered to come visit the University of Southern Indiana. 


“A lot of it’s luck and hard work,” says Bamber. 


Most of the schools Bamber had her eye on weren’t really straight forward with her and she was really appreciative of finding a school that was not only assertive but close to home and was really what she wanted for her academics as well. 


Even though she played midfield in high school, it is not guaranteed that she will get a spot for one of the middle positions since it can be very competitive. But Bamber is excited nonetheless. 


“It will be hard work to get a spot to play but I’m excited,” says Bamber.


Bamber highly recommends girls soccer for any interested freshman looking to join the sport. 


“It is a lot of hard work and you have to love it to want to do it for the next four years. It is also a loving sport and making connections with others,” 


CHS wishes Grace Bamber the best of luck with her continuing her career with girls soccer. Make sure to wish Grace Bamber congratulations when you see her. Go Trojans!