New Holiday Special From the Cast of Guardians of the Galaxy

Celebrate Holiday Cheer with the Guardians of the Galaxy

Abi Carper, Sandscript Writer

 We all know that the Guardians of the Galaxy are the fighters of the space time continuum and have helped the Avengers destroy Thanos in Infinity War and Endgame. 

    The beginning of the Holiday Special starts out as a flashback with young Peter Quill and Kraglin decorating a Christmas tree then Yondu comes in and yells at them then the flashback stops and we see   the team leaning on a railing as Kraglin tells the story. Drax and Mantis explore Hollywood to find Peter the perfect gift. They find the perfect gift then head back to Knowhere, and give it to Peter.

    Mantis then tells Peter her biggest secret and that really shows us what a family is and how they all love each other and how much they mean to each other. We also see something we all thought we would never see, Rocket finally gets Bucky’s arm from Nebula and they spend Christmas together.  

     This fun special is full of laughs and full of love and family time like a family. It’s really cool to see all of them happy even though they lost Gamora and Yondu. This was one of the coolest holiday specials I’ve ever seen. This holiday special personally made me laugh and think of my family and how much I love spending the holidays with them. 

       This would be something after you little siblings or anyone under the age of 14 to go to bed. The rating is TV-14, so maybe keep those younger viewers away for the time being. I would recommend this to anyone, especially marvel fans who want to have a good time at Christmas and  happy holidays.  So Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.