Food No Longer Free At CHS

Gov’t decides on elimination of COVID Program

Carl Harding, Sandscript Author

Attention Trojans, breakfast and lunch meals in Duneland Schools are no longer free. This change was made back at the beginning of the 2022-2023 school year as the COVID pandemic is finally winding down and people are starting to get back on their feet financially. The national government decided that it was time to make school meals cost money again. The pandemic was the reason why meals were free in the first place, mainly so that families who were struggling financially during the early months of the pandemic didn’t have to worry about keeping their children fed when they went to school. The issue is that now many students and their families are not aware about this change, which led to many of them thinking the meals were still free for the 2022-2023 school year. CHS student, Kenneth Furry had no idea about the change for lunches when school started again and was shocked to find out. 

“For both my freshman and sophomore year of high school the lunches were free, so I figured for my junior year they would be free as well. But to my surprise when I came back in my junior year for breakfast, they charged me and I was confused and shocked.” 

 So, to clear any confusion that students and their parents still have, school meals at Chesterton High School have reverted to their original prices before the pandemic. Students must have cash on them to pay for their lunches or they can put money into their accounts in the lunch line. Breakfast meals cost $1.60 and lunch meals cost $2.95.  If students do not have cash on them or they don’t have money in their accounts, they will not be able to get breakfast or lunch meals. Parents can also put money into their child’s account by going to MyPaymentsPlus where they can add funds to their account.