Struggles Continue for the Chicago Blackhawks

Team Finds itself in Last at Mid Season

Aiden Sweet, Staff Author

Although the famous Chicago Blackhawks have been having bad luck during the season, and with Patrick Kane on their side, the Blackhawks still haven’t really gone anywhere. With Patrick Kane having the most assists and leading the team in goals, they have been very close to scoring quite a few times in their past games, yet they have still been unsuccessful and losing games. With the Chicago Blackhawks being last in the Central Division, the team has only won 2 out of the past 12 games they have played. On top of that, the team also lost 18 of their 20 games, making the Hawks feel like there really was no hockey season at all. Even though the Blackhawks haven’t had their best season, good sportsmanship, positive attitudes, and their support hasn’t gone unnoticed.


Some of the best NHL hockey teams for this season are the Boston Bruins, New Jersey Devils, and the Vegas Golden Knights. Something to watch for as  Blackhawk fans is the potential call up of top draft picks, Lukas Reichel and Alex Vlasic as the two are showing that they could be in the NHL next season, or maybe even by the end this year. New and younger players could significantly affect the Blackhawks by infusing new energy into the lineups and provide a more youthful approach to the game. Additionally, call ups traditionally give the fans something more to get excited about, during a season full of losing.