Smorgasbord Club Hosts Ukraine Day!

Come and learn about an interesting culture.

Carl Harding, Sandscript Writer

Are you interested in learning about Ukrainian culture and trying food from the region? Then you should stop by Mr. Lombardo’s room (C168) on Monday, January 30 where CHS club Smorgasbord is hosting Ukraine Day. Students can learn about Ukrainian culture, the history of the country, and try food and beverages from Ukraine. A presentation will also be given by a native Ukrainian who has experienced The recent war in Ukraine.

The presentation will be given by Anastasiya Savchuk. She is a senior, a member of Club Smorgasbord, and a student in my Spanish class,” said Smorgasbord club sponsor, Steve Lombardo. 

The Smorgasbord club focuses on world cultures and why learning about these cultures is important. Every month, the group holds a presentation on one of the many different cultures of the world, and other students are allowed to come and learn. In the past, the club has also hosted events in other countries such as Puerto Rico, Germany, and many others.

Anastasiya Savchuk is a senior here at CHS and she is from Ukraine and has experienced the war firsthand. During the presentation, she will be talking about the culture and history of Ukraine and her experiences during the recent war in Ukraine. She will also be talking about how the people of Ukraine are getting through these terrible times and what the people are doing to help each other. With this information, some students may wonder why learning about the life of a person during a war might be important and why learning about the culture of that country is important. 

Ukraine has experienced many historical events, but the most important thing is that history is being made at this time and people need to know that in the 21st century, there is a war and how people are fighting for their lives and freedom,” said Savchuk. 

      Ukraine Day is on January 30 and will take place from 3 pm to 4 pm. If students have any questions about the event, they can visit Mr. Lombardo whose room is C168 in the World Language hallway.