Dead Space is Back From the Dead with its Newest Release

A gaming classic is back on the shelves, polished and remastered


Rylan Fields, Sandscript author

Dead Space is one of the most popular video game franchises of all time. Relased in 2008, Dead Space put a science-fiction twist on horror and quickly gained a cult following. With the new wave of computing technology, graphics have gotten sharper and games have been able to have more assets and complex coding. The development team of the Dead Space series wanted to keep their game up with the times so they remastered one of their most popular titles.

 Dead Space (2023) follows the same storyline as its first game which is set in the year 2508, where the earth has become uninhabitable to humans, driving them towards extinction. This has forced the remaining humans to explore space for new planets and resources. The story follows an engineer known as Isaac Clarke as he searches for his partner, Nicole, who is amongst his slaughtered repair crew aboard a mining ship with all sorts of dangers on board. 

The game has amassed tons of popularity in recent months, selling over 2 million copies. But this is far behind their expected 4 to 5 million copies sold, so profits have been tanking with their rumored 160 million+ dollar budget. Although with the remastered Dead Space’s rising popularity amongst content creators, more copies are expected to be sold in the future. 

Even though the remastered version didn’t sell well, it has excellent reviews. It received a whopping 9/10 from IGN, stating, “Dead Space is a superb remake and undoubtedly the definitive way to experience one of the best survival horror shooters that Capcom never made.” To put that into perspective, the original game that was released in 2008 only received an 8.7/10, so this shows that there was some improvement from the first game. This game marks a revolution in the upcoming trend of remastering old classics and I highly recommend that anyone who can spare some money should give the game a try.