Bears Trade the No. 1 Draft Pick Over to the Carolina Panthers

Chicago hands over the draft pick

Aiden J. Sweet, sandscript author

The Carolina Panthers are now officially on the clock in the 2023 NFL Draft, after trading for the first overall pick from the local favorite Chicago Bears. The main reason for Chicago’s decision to trade the first pick was so the team could collect a plethora of draft capital, while allowing the Panthers to jump ahead and select a quarterback for the future. Many rumors swirled about where the Bears would send the pick, but decided to make the trade with the Panthers because they put together the best package of draft picks, but also included receiver DJ Moore in the deal.


The package that Chicago received is a long list of things that include the number nine pick overall this year, a second-round selection that was originally from the 49ers, a first-round pick next year, a 2025 second-round pick, and receiver DJ Moore who had recently completed a $61.88 million contract with the Carolina Panthers. By acquiring Moore, the Bears also addressed the fact that young quarterback Justin Fields needs more help to continue his development.


Moore, a former first round draft pick out of Maryland, who played five seasons for the Panthers. In his time there, Moore produced as WR1, amassing over 5,200 yards and 21 touchdown receptions. Moore was also used as a playmaker out of the backfield from time to time. Overall, his big play speed and catching ability make this move a really good one for the Bears. Only time will tell whether or not the Bears won this trade, but for the time being, optimism is flowing throughout Chicago and its suburbs.