April 6th sees the return of the Red Cross Club’s Blood Drive

What to know and look out for if interested in donating blood on Thursday.

Nathan Montoya, Editor of News

During school on Thursday from 7:45 am – 1:15 pm, the Red Cross Club will be hosting a Blood Drive in the Main Gym where you can donate blood and possibly save a life. After you donate your blood, you can also look forward to finding out your blood type, receiving a free shirt, and enjoying snacks and drinks. Things to keep in mind if someone is interested in donating is to expect a sign-in and check-in process before they can start donating blood. They will get asked questions and get an iron check done, and if all of those check out, then they will go to a nurse and begin the process. There is an age limit however, as students need to be 16 years old and have a consent note that they can receive from Mrs. Gingrich in Room A524, and any student 17 and under needs a consent note signed. On top of the age limit, any female donors who are 18 and younger must weigh at least 110 lbs and be 5’6” or taller, and cannot have donated blood in the last 56 days.