Tuck Becomes a Jaguar

Brody Mehling, Editor of Sports

It is always an exciting day when one of our own Chesterton Trojans commits to a college. That being said, our very own Jackson Tuck has committed to IUPUI! Tuck has been a superstar in the Chesterton community very early on. He has made it to state for both cross country and track many times throughout his decorated high school career.
There are many factors that go into choosing a college, and that can be a complex process not just for athletes. There are many different variables such as environment, size, and student makeup. During his search, Tuck grew fond of IUPUI because of the urban setting and Physical Therapy program. He was also drawn in by the coach.
“The coach was awesome, he was super supportive of his team, almost like a father figure to them. He really cared about their mental health and well-being so that really stuck out to me,” Tuck explained.
Tuck has been running since elementary school and the countless awards he has won are not the only thing the sport has given him. He explained that the sport builds character and it takes mental strength just as much as physical strength.
Athletes almost never choose a college on their own. They need support from everyone in their lives to ensure that they make the right choice. In Tuck’s case, he received support from everyone in his life. His parents, friends, and teammates have all backed him through this tough process, especially his coach.
“Coach Mueller was really supportive of me, he was there the whole way, he would always make it clear that I could go to him so I talked to him a lot,” Tuck mentioned.
If you see Jackson in the hallway make sure to congratulate him on this huge achievement and let him know that all of us Trojans are proud of him!