The end of the Senior Showcase reveals Matticyn Gropper as the winner.

Senior Showcase finishes with a total of over $4,000 raised.

Nathan Montoya, Editor of News

Senior Showcase has concluded with Matticyn Gropper having raised a total of $1,360 for the American Heart Association. As a whole, all of the students raised $4,216.03 for their various charities, which is an amazing feat not only for the seniors but for CHS as a whole. The other seniors and their charities are as follows:


– Owen Guest: Little Family ($1224)

– Connor Katsafaros: Mrs. Morris Bench Fund ($210)

– Ronnie McClemore: Direct Relief ($260.55)

– Jorge Ortiz: Mental Health Awareness ($760.48)

– Emma Vetroczky: Lurie Children’s Hospital ($401)

If you are a current junior, and enjoyed the Senior Showcase competition and the overall comradery, consider joining the senior showcase next year!