The AP Test Schedule For CHS Students

Mark Your Calendars, The AP Test Schedule Is Up!

Linnea Sundquist, Entertainment Section Editor

AP Tests can be a very stressful time for students and finding the time to study can be overwhelming. So let’s make things less stressful by sharing the test schedule to ensure students get the proper time to study and focus on achieving those high scores. 


Week 1: May 1st- May 5th


Monday, May 1st:

12:00 pm: Chemistry


Tuesday, May 2nd: 

8:00 am: Environmental Science 

12:00 pm: Psychology 


Wednesday, May 3rd:

8:00 am: English Literature and Composition 

12:00 pm: Computer Science A


Thursday, May 4th: 

8:00 am: Human Geography 

12:00 pm: Statistics


Friday, May 5th: 

8:00 am: European History and United States History

12:00 pm: Art History 


Week 2: May 8th- May 12th


Monday, May 8th:

8:00 am: Calculus AB and Calculus BC 

12:00 pm: Computer Science Principles 


Tuesday, May 9th: 

8:00 am: English Language and Composition 

12:00 pm: Physics C: Mechanics


Wednesday, May 10th: 

12:00 pm: Biology 


Thursday, May 11th: 

8:00 am: World History

12:00 pm: Physics 1: Algebra-Based


Friday, May 12th: 

12:00 pm: Physics 2: Algebra-Based 


If you’re a student who has an exam taking place at the same time as another one of your exams, your test administrator will be able to arrange a different time to take your test. Make sure to bring your supplies to your testing room, such as a number two pencil and an approved calculator. Eat a good and healthy breakfast as well as get at least 8 hours of sleep the night before. Good luck to everyone who is taking an AP Exam, you will do amazing!